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Our guest today is an eater catlin she is a teacher in the public school system and she is a regular visitor to villawood detention center she's been going there for about two years and she also has been visiting people who've gotten out of villawood and are living in the community welcome any I'm glad you could come so if if an average person wanted to go and visit at billa would how do they go about it you need to have the names of people you'd like to visit so you need to be introduced by people who are already visiting and then you fill out a form from home which can be accessed on their website including the names of the people you intend to visit and then you have to email or fax that form through 24 hours before attending and then you turn up and present your identification and they identify that you have send in the form and allow you through ah so can anybody go and visit as far as i know yes i think so as long as you have identification and where is Villawood detention center and if you drive along woodville road you would never expect it to be there but just past Guilford there's a turn-off before the train overpass and in the back there there's they've actually got new premises and just weaving through the streets near train station there you find find it and within the industrial complex so you can go by train as well you can yes so you can visit for people but usually when we go as a group two or three friends going to visit we make sure that we each have four different names so that we can get as many people out as possible because it's their little bit of escape from the lockups although it's still guarded and restricted they get to go out to the visiting area and it's a nice break from the monotony of the day too so you meet them in a special area yeah it's a visiting center they have to have been nominated to come out before they are allowed to come out so it's Andres others have said others have told me that it resembles very much visiting people in jail do you have to go through like a metal check yeah we have to go we have to go through the same screening to go in sometimes you can turn up in the next and without notice you're told that you can't can't take this in all that in you pass through a scanner you have your things passed through a scanner you may be asked to take off belts shoes and so on the doors that you have to pass through being locked up in one cavity before being allowed to pass through into another cavity is just resembles a jail system drug testing yeah sometimes you'll be pulled aside and with with no apparent reason they'll test you for drugs by passing a wand over you and then putting it into a machine and obviously it's happened to all the people that I go in with and we've all come through with negative responses and get to go through what kind of things can you take in um food that's in packages or in plastic containers you can't take glass containers in we used to be able to take in as much as we...